Welcome to Happy Hobos

We are a team of happy consultants. The term hobo is often confused with homeless or beggar, but the truth is, wandering through life was what they preferred.

About us

Happy hobos

Where does the name originate from? The term Hobo can be defined as a traveling worker, which is a perfect word for a present day IT-consultant. We have two simple things that we aim for in our company and that is Transparency and Happiness, it's that simple.


We are aiming for a company that is transparent.


As a company we strive to make the employees happy but also the customers.

Reasons to join us


Happy people

Our main goal for the company is to have happy people working here. We believe that in order to have a successful and motivated organization, the happiness of our employees need to be a priority. And we accomplish that in different ways.



We are aiming to make our company as transparent for all employees as possible. Trust and transparency has helped us grow, this also ties in with our aim of surrounding ourselves with happy co-workers. Fostering trust and collaboration has helped us develop and stay true to ourselves.


Great pay

High set salary with a nice bonus each month. Contact us for more information, we will beat your current salary ;)



We understand that life isn’t just about automating tests and writing code, the secret sauce to adulting is when you sprinkle some rest on top of it ;) That’s why we encourage our employees to take vacations ;) Having a work life balance will only help you thrive in both your professional and private life.


Wellness benefit

I mean… We maximized the wellness benefit, what else do you wanna know? 🤔


Being a hobo

Now, we don’t mean that you should be smelly and ungroomed. Rather we embrace the role of a consultant who will travel to different work environments and projects. Leaving us with a bag full of knowledge and experience.


Meet some of our colleagues

Tommy Månström

Test Developer

Bwar Maroof

Chief Executive Officer

Jana Prihodko

Test Lead

Markus Hoff

Test Automation Engineer

Andreas Karanikis

Test Lead

Erik Gunneriusson


Robin Weidelid

Senior developer

Helge Björk

Agile coach


Please contact us if you have any questions about us


Parmmätargatan 24, 112 24 Stockholm


070 433 50 75